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  1. @Danne do you mean you use the high grit paper to sand down the sharp 90 degree edge?
  2. Using Uniters edge paint. Thanks!
  3. I’m making a wallet out of saffiano calf. Will be use edge paints. Besides it’s hardened grain side, the textured leathers don’t seem to like being beveled. Any tips? Or should I skip beveling, get a perfectly flat edge, and build up a round edge with layers of paint?
  4. Odd size, I know. Anyone have one they could share?
  5. Has anyone made one of these half zip soft folios before? Looking to make one that will hold a legal pad and just a few other odds and ends. Some examples are below (external pockets aren't needed). Typical pad holders are usually more rigid and unzip on three sides. These just unzip on two sides. Or if anyone has a pattern, that would be amazing.
  6. Thanks - I’ll check that thread out because that looks exactly what I’m looking for. Do I need to have the gun present to make the holster? It’s for a friend and he (and his gun) live far away. Another reason why I can’t make my own template
  7. Looking to make my first holster - made lots of belts, wallets and other items so I think I’m up for the challenge. Not looking to do a wet mold or concealed carry type holster. Looking to do something super classic, maybe western style holster (Mexican loop?) if that makes sense. The gun is a Sig Scorpion 1911. Any recommendations on a place to look for a template?
  8. Yes, guess it is just as easy as typing a knot! Thank you Hardrada! And Dwight I DO like that idea in this instance of stapling and just using pliers. Didn’t think of that. Two great solutions!
  9. How do you Stitch them? Or rather how do you do the cross stitch? I’m more concerned with how to end the crossed threads, because obviously there’s nothing to back stitch on like a traditional row saddlestitching
  10. Or perhaps you just use poly thread and melt the ends?
  11. When I make a belt keeper, I normally skive both ends so they overlap. But I’ve also seen it where both ends are cut to precisely bump up against each other or kiss, and are stitched in place, Usually with some type of “X” Stitching. Does anyone know what type of knot to use here to finish this off?
  12. Good tips for sizing, but still need a template for the various pieces
  13. Would like to try and make a pair of moccasins for wear around the house. Does anyone have a template they've developed that they'd be willing to share? If its size-specific, I'm a 7-8 mends D width. Thanks!
  14. Sorry if this should be in the stamping section, but I've often seen leatherwork done with monograms in a nice oval, and border pattern of veiner tooling or camo tooling. But HOW do you get this oval outline and make sure the tooling will perfectly fit around it?
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