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  1. xderiwx

    Black Tokonole

    Thank you!
  2. xderiwx

    Black Tokonole

    Thanks for the reply! No, actually that didn’t cross my mind until reading your reply! But at the moment I only have water based black dye. EcoFlo water stain. So I’d imagine it would probably be pretty similar to the tinted Tokonole? Ill see if I can reach GoodsJapan through email and ask about it, then order a jar.
  3. xderiwx

    Black Tokonole

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if any of you have experience with the black or other tinted Tokonole, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? Im currently using the clear Tokonole for edge work on wallets and have been enjoying the results compared to gum trag. I like the shiny/glassy finish it provides. I was interested in purchasing the black Tokonole for use on the edges of black leather (Buttero), both as a dye and for edge finishing. I currently can’t get ahold of something like Fiebings Pro Dyes for the edges since it can’t be shipped to me, and didn’t want to venture into edge dying just yet, so I was thinking the black Tokonole would be a good option. There’s one video on YouTube from GoodsJapan that shows them using the black Tokonole on the flesh side, and it seems to do a pretty good job at dying the leather. My concern is that since Tokonole is water based, that there might be some bleeding issues if the edges got wet? If so, I was thinking that adding a wax at the very end of burnishing could help with some water resistance, but at that point I might lose out on some of the shine/gloss that I currently like from the clear Tokonole. Perhaps something like Columbus Mill edge wax instead of beeswax would be best? Would the black Tokonole alone be okay without any bleeding issues? Please let me know of your thoughts and experiences, and thanks for looking!