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  1. Hello, I am looking for a leather sewing machine, and want a class 4 machine like a cowboy 4500 or cobra class 4. Finding them isn’t too hard, but the sellers are asking for almost new prices. I have found a machine, and it seems reasonable, called the “Mach-3 c, model 441” as the seller is listing it. I have looked a lot online, and performed many searches but can not even find a website for the company. It sure looks like a clone of the cowboy or cobra, which I know are clones of a Juki. Has anyone heard of or have any experience with this brand? does anyone have one? What are the max size needle and thread it can handle? I am not trying to be cheap with my machine, but they all seem so overpriced. thanks in advance John
  2. Hello all, I am looking for a cobra class 4 or equivalent Cowboy machine . I am located by Olympia, Washington st, and am willing to travel to pick it up. also looking for a skiving machine but I want to get a sewing machine first. thank you John
  3. Hello Bobby, I am very interested in this machine, is it still available? thanks, John
  4. No not at all. I should have said “my wife will,love those colors together and steal my awesome tool bag”
  5. Very nice build! I have been looking for an idea/inspiration to build a tool bag of my own. When I build this one I am pretty sure my wife will steal it
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