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  1. Hello everyone! The positioning corrected the issue but my new issue is that the bobbin tab keeps popping out of the throat plate - at any stress whatsoever - most specifically when I wind my bobbin, the momentum of the needle moving totally shifts it out of place. I spend most of my time unscrewing and shifting it back into place. I am ordering a new one today (throat plate) also, as far as the motor, it is a new servo, and when the speed is turned down low and I go to give it gas, there isn’t enough power to move the belt, which then blows the fuse. My only option is to give the motor more power. thank you all for the feedback
  2. Thank you all so much. Kept blowing fuses on my motor (another issue that I need to figure out) have some new ones coming tomorrow and will see if that helped
  3. First of all, as a long time lurker, I have learned so much from this forum - so much so, that I went ahead and purchased a juki 563 to start working on more heavy-duty projects. However, since I’ve gotten the machine I have yet to enjoy sewing anything with it. It has been giving me issues from the very first day. When I complete a stitch, there ALWAYS seems to be a snag when trying to remove the fabric from the machine. I know there is a critical position for the needle, and sometimes I wiggle the hand wheel and the thread comes out, but it is NEVER seamless. Ever. If I’m backstitching this becomes almost a rats nest. With my top thread becoming completely entangled and me having to pull a chunk of thread from the feed dogs. I am using T 70 bonded nylon thread, I believe that the tension on the machine is correct, I don’t think there are any issues mechanically. I have had the machine professionally set up and retimed - it should be in perfect working order - but after researching on this forum for quite some time, I believe my bobbin housing may be installed incorrectly - please see photo for reference. could this be causing all of these problems? The machine DOES sew, but the thread does get caught up on the small tab which I believe should be sitting within the throat casing when I’m hand turning and observing. Thank you in advance for any input.
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