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  1. I've recently been very disappointed by the quality of the European Shoulders at Tandy. For years they would be perfect, unblemished and have the perfect temper for what I do. Lately I have been literally disgusted by examples at my local Tandy. I've seen soft wrinkly sections that lead me to believe there is belly sections included in the shoulder. So frustrating.

    I need a 5/6 oz. medium temper veg tan that can be tooled and dyed and take some bends. The Belgian supplied hides worked for years and years, but now I am beyond frustrated. Either the tannery is dropping the ball or Tandy. 

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am located in the USA.

    PS. I have tried the other veg tanned offerings from Tandy and bleh

  2. Frog Jelly Leather sells stainless snaps in line 20 and 24. Line 24 snaps in stainless are easy to find as most marine upholstery feature them. My advice on setting snaps is to buy the red Tandy press and dies. Expensive but worth it. Does a professional job nearly every time. Can't imagine going back to setting by hand. 

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