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  1. 20 hours ago, DonInReno said:

    Other than the handwheel what’s missing off the head? 

    Edit: If you basically have a head minus handwheel it’s still worth $1000....replacement handwheel is something close to $200.   More than one person here would buy a working 4500 head for $1500.  


    No motors no table no wheel no belts nothing all that is there is it I'm completely new to this and don't want to dive in a spend more than I need to but a bargain is a bargain even if I turn around and re sell it it looks like it's never been used other than it has the simple leather still attached

  2. 45 minutes ago, garypl said:

    Guess it depends how much they are asking - if they want $300 it is a steal, but if they want $2500, not so good....somewhere in between is probably what it is worth


    They want $600 for it but I may be able to talk them down but the machine is missing everything. How hard would it be and cost effective to get the rest of the pieces to make this useable 

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