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  1. I am searching for a machine to sew belts up to 16oz (2x8oz) holsters, but yet gentle enough to sew wallets and purses. I would like to be able to use #69 thread and comfortably use #207. I need advice on what to get. I have a little bit of a budget but the more saved the more equipment I can get for my shop. I already have a old Union Lockstitch that I call the beast but no reverse and it is made for thicker stiffer leather and cannot sew a wallet. Also timing is starting to slip on it and I need to get it adjusted before I can use it again. My budget is closer to $1000 than $2000 but I can make it stretch if I have to. Any models that fit this bill would be incredibly helpful. Thanks.

  2. ive had mine since july I love this thing when it is working and hate it when it throughs a tantrum. not to be sexist or rude but i treat mine like my wife. i whisper sweet nothings to it while sewing a project and hopefully i dont upset it while in the middle of the project. when it is upset i have learned that no matter how much i take it apart and put back together you still have to wait for it to calm down and be reasonable. I take it with me to craft shows and gun shows because it is hand crank no power needed and i can do repairs and custom orders on the spot which make me quite popular at these events, which is good for business. mine likes the #69 thread which is fine for me for wallets and bags. I have made some holster with it with no issues as of late but that thread is a little light for that kind of work in my taste. (im sure others will agree). I am trying to get the machine comfortable with the #138 thread but i am having some issues that i am trying to get worked out. The bobbin is small and with a full bobbin i can stitch a full belt and maybe one holster with it. several youtube videos show how to attach a servo motor to it and seems to work well that way. i havent attempted this yet. For anyone that gets this machine take your time during set up and take it apart (YouTube) sand, file, degrease, and lube before operation. otherwise you will hate the thing before it has a chance to impress. i have sewn as thick as 16oz with it and no issues. Be kind to it and whisper sweet nothings to it and it will surprise you.

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