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  1. Singer 111W155 walking foot industrial sewing machine. I have replaced the timing belt on this unit and also replaced the clutch style motor with a brand new servo motor which makes it ideal for leatherwork.. The machine does have a knee lift with it but it is not attached at this time. I will include the original motor with the unit if you want it. The table does have a slight sag to it but functions fine.  Located in South Lyon Michigan. Local pickup only. 







  2. Hello all, I just picked up a Singer 111w155 and I am beginning the process of getting it up and running.  It needs a new timing belt but other than that, everything seems to be moving smoothly after a quick clean up.

    One of the projects I see on the horizon is a new table.  The one that it came on has a bow of about 3/8" in the middle no doubt due to that beast of a clutch motor that was hanging under it.  Are there any good diagrams out there of the table openings and various mounting points for the accessories?  Better yet, are there any CAD files of same that people are willing to share?  I have access to a CNC router and a good CAD file would help a lot.

    I am not above making some templates and doing the work by hand, but this might be a good reason to try out my buddies CNC.  

    Thanks in advance for any replies.  

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