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  1. On 8/10/2021 at 11:56 PM, BradenD said:

    Hi guys Iv'e read almost everything about the class 16 on this forum, Ive just got a 16-88 and the needle bar was loose, now I need to fix that needle bar and get the machine in time.. I've been trying for 3 days without success..  When It seem to get it in time according to the explanation brought by Constabulary, the needle bar can't make its full rotation, it hit the frame body at the top, as if it was set too much up, and then if I try to lower the bar it's get everything out of time.. Looks like the shuttle is one way fixed so only the bar can be moved to get the all thing in time... I can add picture and video if you like.. I really hope to get this mysterious Singer 16-88 work now..  I hope you guys will understand my situation of what I'm trying to say :-)  Someone suggest I've not the right needle, I've checked the needle nothing is specified exept the size which is 22.. The measurment is 45mm which is the same as the 16X63 (fabric)16X64 (leather) that I need..

    Braden did you find out how to solve your problem.  I have the same issue of the needle clamp hitting the frame and figure I need to rotate the hook a few degrees.  Chris in NS


  2. Hi, I'm new here. I picked up a Singer 31-15 in great shape as a first machine to learn on.  The clutch motor is a beast but tameable for me EXCEPT for those times I really need it to stop at a given point.    Feathering it up was OK but down to a stop; not as easy.  I bought the one Pinto shows above off Amazon.com for about $115US and $35 shipping to Canada.  It arrived and the only surprise was there weren't any surprises!  It installs easily in a couple hours.  In my case the table already had speed nuts installed in addition the reverse configured bolt pattern.  Even the belt lines up and works well.  There is some fiddling with the 'speed control' knob. The light pressure on the pedal to release the brake and allow hand control with the hand wheel was welcome. I'd recommend you mount the on/off switch where you can easily SEE it because it's silent and easy to forget that you haven't turned it on! Overall, I'd say you can't go too far wrong for your money, except for your location! Good luck.

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