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    The foot corresponds to the number of stitches per inch. So if you're sewing 5 spi, you use a number 5 foot.  You have to adjust the stitch length of the machine to match up to the marks the foot makes.

    Make sense, have to see what numbers foots I have. 

    Thanks, Jacob 

  2. Here are a few of the accessories that came with the Landis. What are the roller guides used for? The pressure foots have numbers on them is there a guide for when to use the different foots. It also came with several needles label #3. Hope to get some time next week to run some more test. 


  3. BigSiouxSaddlery I have two Landis 1 my neighbor was throwing one out and I grabbed it from the trash. It was not moving at all when I got it but after a lot of oil and cleaning it runs great but has some tension problems. The serial number on that one is 4578.


    The Landis on the stand I just got has a serial number of 2576 

    The wax pot has no makers mark on it or numbers so not sure if its original. 








  4. Quote

    On the back the stitches are angled and look exactly like English style saddle stitching (not what you expected to see... expecting to see straight stitching like on top), which gives you the impression that the Landis is a saddle stitch machine even though you purchased what you thought was a lock stitch machine.

    RemingtonSteel the stitch on the back being angled made me think something was wrong with the machine.  Thank you for the explanation 

    The needle I'm using is a LR 

  5. Pick up a Landis 1 (Lock Stitch Wax Thread Machine) this weekend at a good price.  Came with stand and accessories. But no foot peddles or links for foot peddles.  

    Here is a test I did with a piece of 8-9 oz leather using 277 nylon bound thread and a new #200 Schmetz needle. The front looks good to me but the back I'm not sure about is the Landis a saddle stitch style machine?  Or do I need to adjust something? Have a manual but don't have any examples of stitching. 

    FYI I know nothing about leather working. Hope to use the Landis to make knife and ax sheaths.


    Landis .jpeg


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