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  1. 43 minutes ago, Dwight said:

    In one word . . . no . . . 

    Resolene is an excellent product if applied correctly for a particular purpose.  I use it on 90+% of belts I make . . . same for holsters . . . gunbelts . . . knife sheaths . . . 

    It is just the berries for products that are molded . . . and you want something to help the molding stay molded . . . it's great for that.

    I made a book carrier for a college student once and used resolene on it . . . and it became way too stiff for it's intended purpose.  She hung on to it . . . tossed a flower arrangement in it . . . took it to the county fair . . . won a whole handful of ribbons with it . . . because it held up the flowers . . . 

    But in answer to using it . . .  make it the last thing you put on the leather item you are making with the exception of shoe polish.  I would never have thought twice about my shoes in the military if I'd had resolene . . . shoe polish over it makes one super shine. . . . 

    May God bless, 


    Great info! Thanks for making me resolute in my decision not to use it. I like my shoes of somewhat pliable and floppy leather, more for comfort and warmth than for protecting my feet from chainsaw cuts and falling objects. 

  2. 1 hour ago, chuck123wapati said:

    They are shoes right? clear shoe polish over your favorite water proofing.



    6 hours ago, chuck123wapati said:

     Best thing to do is try it on some scrap then you will have first hand knowledge that you can reliably use and share. 

    Thanks! I have everything I need for that! Nothing special for veg-tan then?
    I'd try it on scrap first, as I'd love to share the answer, but then I'd have to open the Resoline. As it is, I can return it. 

    I know that people paint leather shoes with acrylic paints. I wonder what happens after that. That experiment I can do on my own, tho. I have acrylics.


  3. I'm making shoes. I am using milled veg-tan leather because this is what my teacher uses & I'm following along until I choose to make a different decision. I am going to dye the leather, but then I have to waterproof it. I bought some Fiebing's Resoline, which is an acrylic-based waterproofer that the sales person recommended because it will keep the leather supple and protect the dye while waterproofing. When I bought it, I didn't realize it was acrylic. Will the leather still accept regular shoe water-proofing after this? I usually Sno-Proof or mink-oil or some other oil-based protectant.


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