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  1. Good evening everyone,

    i am hoping to get some help in determining if my leather chair is likely made from top grain semi-a line dyed leather as advertised or something else.  I have a few leather chairs and I haven’t come across this before. This chair was delivered to us about 6 months ago and has been used less than 50 times to sit in as I have a more broken in and comfortable chair I prefer over this one.  Within the first 6 months we are starting to see damage that appears to be flaking in several spots of the chair and it is mostly occurring where leather rubs against leather.  The vendor initially told us it was normal wear and tare which we objected to.  I am wondering if something else is going on with this chair in particular.  Can you please take a look at the images and let me know if top grain leather would be expected to look like this so quickly?  We have a humidity controlled house at 50% RH and have only used water to clean the furniture so far.  

    Back of Cushion
    Closeup of Flaking 

    Additional wear 1

    Additional wear 2

    Additional wear 3





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