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A painting before and after colouring.

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I noted that a few of you after my tiger post asked to see it uncoloured. That one no, no photos, but here is one for you to see the before and after.

It looks a little strange because I add stuff, and sometimes the added items are not the same colour base as ther rest of the leather, which I really do not care about when it for a Painting. I do not generally let anyone see them before they are finished.

I carve every detail, so that if it fades you can still see, and feel the details of my work.

I get ideas as I go along, so half way through it sometimes ends up with different details to what I had planned on at the beginning. Then there are the ones that I end up not liking when I am finished. But everyone else does.

The one here is an indian with deer and wolf. First is a picture of it before I add the finishing touches, second ready to dye, and then 2 of the finished picture. I always have everything on to it when I go to dye as I can see the finished painting as a whole. I had tried adding details afterwards, but the colours were off and blend right. ENJOY

Happy carving.

Kiwi :coffeecomp:









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