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Saddle Fitting For The Young Horse

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Thank you--you all have cleared up some confusion for me. My 3-year-old's back is changing a lot (and he's putting on some weight, which is changing it even more) and he's still getting used to having the saddle on his back. I'm going to go back out there armed with this information and take a closer look at exactly what's not sitting quite right on him. Last time I saddled him (he's only been saddled half a dozen times) he bucked as I tried to move him around on a short lunge line, but when he got past that (after I turned him loose in the round pen to sort it out) he moved with his head up in the air. He finally calmed down and carried his head lower. After being saddled awhile his back is only sweaty from about the middle of the saddle forward, and sometimes he has dry spots on his shoulders. I have a panel pad coming in the mail.

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