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Tippman Boss - Used, Needs Adjusted -As Is

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I have a Tippman Boss I bought and never have used. I let my guildmate try it out, but he decided he wants a walking foot machine instead.

This Boss is like new, looks like it was never used. It comes with two new spools of thread, one black, one white, needles, bobbins, a manual and the video, and a plywood base. I bought it used from Chris Andre in CO. I *think* he bought it new? It is the aluminum not cast iron.

When my friend tried it out he said he broke a needle; I'm guessng it needs the timing adjusted. That's why this listing is "as is". The video and the manual both detail how to set up the machine.

I am a very fast hand sewer, and so I have not bothered to learn to use this. I also have new products and larger volume of business which require

me to get a compound walking foot machine. So that is why I am selling this one. I'm planning to buy a Consew 206RB -5.

I can ship it wherever, give me a zip code to get a quote. It originally shipped to me from CO for about $50. I want $800 for the machine and all the other stuff, plus shipping.

You can reply here, or call me at 614-962-5715. I'm in Columbus Ohio, and am willing to arrange pickup within the tri-state area.

I'll try to get a photo up here in the next day or so.

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Whats the status on this? Do you still have it? You know anyone else who has one and wants to sell?


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I'm definietely interested if it's still for sale! I'll send payemnt any way you want!! Please let me know.

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Hi guys!

Sorry for my slow response. I actually had a holidays sales rush, which I have never had before in my business. My daughter has also been sick, so we've been back and forth for tests at the hospital.

Anyway, I had a guy locally here in ohio come down from Cleveland and buy the Boss.

Best of luck to those of you still looking.

I've been using my friends machine, and now that I sold my Boss, I'm gonna buy one for myself soon, here it is:


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