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For the new leather workers out there: Just wanted to post a link that has been immensely helpful to me as a beginner. If you, like myself have already spent hours perusing the forums of leatherworker.net just trying to find a straightforward answer to your simple question such as :

-which parts of the hide & weight of leather should I use for which project?

-what's with all the terminology involving subdivisions of the hide? eg. double shoulder, single bend, side, double back etc

-what are the basic tools and terminology & their function?

-how to lace? visual and written instruction included


This website may help you out with many descriptions, definitions and super informative visual guides. Has become my beginner bible!


Hope you find it as useful as I have!


(Not to discredit the immense amount of knowledge and useful information I have already acquired during my hours of browsing these forums-however many of those posting assume us newbies already know the basics!)

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This site is so helpful!! Thank you so much for posting it!

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No problem! There's probably a lot of stuff on that site you don't need to know, but if your willing to weed through it it is truly a wealth of information.

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