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Someone said that shoe polish is only a polish that covers the surface of the leather without penetrating the leather as a stain would do but boot polish is a stain polish. Meaning boot polish penetrates the leather like a stain would. Any truth to it?

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Not in my experience as a bootblack...BUT...are you talking about thati liquid stuff with the sponge top applicator as shoe polish? I only use that stuff on car windows, lol.

In bootblacking, we refer to dyes/stains, polish which is cream polish, grease and wax. The type of leather determines which products are used i.e. oil tan vs. high shine. Typically, bootblacks are working on leather (boots, garments, bags & misc.) that people care about and want to last. You won't find anything in my kit claiming to be instant anything although most products even the dreaded parade gloss and sno-seal have their place, they ate damaging to the Leather over time as some of their chemical agents will saturate & seal off the pores of the leather and they are a pain to strip off. Yes, bootblacks strip and re-dye items as needed to keep the accumulation of wax from making the leather less supple or discoloring the leather over time.

Bootblacking, like my leatherworking is a craft and an artform. Products are used in synergy to condition & protect the leather, make it look great and last for generations.

But there is no shoe polish or boot polish per se except on the manufacturers packaging. Just look at how many different labels Pecard's has come up with for the same formula of their original dressing. Marketing schmarketing, but they admit it if you ask...they added black dye to the motorcycle line...that's it.

If you wanna put that white liquid shoe polish on sneakers, knock yourself out, but if you wanna do justice by your good boots, drop me a line and I'll get you going!

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