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Leather Jacket Design and Production

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While production can be challenging everywhere in the world, there are places that make some aspects easier.

Bali, Indonesia has been my choice for beginning to produce in volume. The last 10 years tailors have been trained in new techniques to make what the edgy fashion market demands as high end luxury leather goods. I've heard is said in Bali that great tailors are not hard to find, great clients for tailors are hard to find. So many people come to Bali, and do small volume production, when they leave the production doesn't always remain consistent. The tailors want to develop long term relationships with designers.

For the past 6 years I have been sewing all my own products for the online store. The move to Bali has allowed me to focus on design and marketing instead of labor. Now I find so much value in creating "tech packs"- which is a technical instruction packet to give to a tailor with a sample to make the first attempt as close to perfect as possible. So much expense is due to mistakes, keeping a tight budget means being crystal clear in communicating and showing the tailor exactly what is expected of him or her. If you can get to the volume production after 2 attempts to create your product instead of a dozen, you save an incredible amount of time and resources. I am so happy to talk more about what is included in a tech pack.

I have been living in Bali for almost 2 years, and have learned so much about production here. I am interested to hear what kind of experience others have had in other countries.

See how I work in this video:


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