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Dusty Johnson


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This year will be the first EMERGING SADDLEMAKERS REVIEW at the annual Southwest Leathercrafters show in Prescott, AZ.  This event is to help NEW saddlemakers learn to improve their work and move forward without the intimidation of competing with the established and well known.  To be eligible you must not have been making saddle for over 3 years and the saddle you present must have been started no more than 24 months prior to the show (last weekend of Feburary).  Three judges will evaluate your saddle without knowledge of each other or their scores.  The evalutions will be on construction and finish and only 5% will be on stamping or carving.  You will be able to see what your strengths and your weaknesses are so that you can improve and move forward.  The saddle evaluated as BEST will receive a $500 cash award !s  

This Review will be a permanent part of the  LCJ Leathercraft Trade show.  Contact Cheril at the LEATHERCRAFTERS AND SADDLERS JOURNAL for an entry form and details for submitting your saddle.

Good luck and thanks for your submissions.

Dusty Johnson, Plesant Valley Saddle Shop

BTW, I am not a judge


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