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Dusty Johnson

How to make a saddle -- instructions available

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Saddleman Press  announces the Seventh Printing of Dusty Johnson’s saddlemaking instruction course entitled “Saddlemaking Construction and Repair Techniques“.  This instruction package is the complete material used by the students in the Pleasant Valley Saddle School in Colorado for over 25 years.  Now Dusty is sharing his methods for creating a working Western Saddle as used on ranches and for pleasure riders.  

This  is the largest selling saddlemaking publication ever printed.  The Full Course consists of a well illustrated 136 page book, a 2+ hour DVD showing details from the book and a complete set of full size cutting and skiving patterns for making any type of western saddle.  For those interested in repair this detailed construction knowledge makes the job much easier.  The complete set costs only $65 with FREE shipping (International shipping extra)

For additional information about Western saddles including information about saddle trees, saddle fit, care, and why styles are important the popular book Saddle Savvy is available for $22.95 individually or it may be added to the saddle course for a total of $75 with FREE shipping (International shipping extra).

To purchase contact your favorite leathercraft dealer or contact Saddleman Press direct at 2870 W Granite Park Drive, Prescott, Arizona  86305.  Telephone:  (928) 515-3029  Website:  www.pvsaddleshop.com          Wholesale inquiries invited. 

Sourse + Saddle Savvy (1).JPG

Saddlemaking 1 of 4.bmp

Saddlemaking 2 f 4.bmp

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