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Have some round/head knives for sale.  They're sharp and ready to use.  Prices are plus shipping, which should likely be $8 to $9.  I'm only shipping to the U.S. at this time.

#1 is a Gomph that measures 4 1/2 inches wide.   Blade and ferrule are tight in the handle.  $120.
#2 is another Gomph.  This one measures 4 7/8th inches wide.  Blade and ferrule are tight.  Someone lightly scratched the name "G.B. Sullivan" in the blade.  Also, on that side in the ferrule are stamped the initials J.J.P.   $120
#3 is a William Rose that measures 5 1/8th inches wide.  Has a crack in the ferrule.  Blade and ferrule are tight.  $120
#4 is a William Rose that measures about 5 1/16th inches wide.  The markings are mostly gone.  You can just see the remnants of the "W.Rose" over "West Phila" Markings.  Really just enough to tell that's what it is.  I bought it believing from the looks of the blade, ferrule, and handle, that it was a Rose.  Was pleasantly surprised to find the remnants of the markings while sanding the blade.  It has a small crack in the handle, and the blade is a little crooked (by about 2 to 3 degrees) but the blade and ferrule are tight.  If you'd like to try a crazy sharp Rose, here's a good opportunity.  $85
#5.  Here's a very rare Henckels round knife.  It measures 4 7/8th inches wide.  The ferrule has some movement fore and aft, but the blade is tight.  $150
#6 is another Henckels (I've actually managed to acquire 3 Henckels over the years).  This one measures 5 1/4th inches wide.  The ferrule has some movement.  There's also some very very slight movement in the handle.  I've never felt it while cutting with it.  The letter "W" is stamped on one side of the ferrule.  $150

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