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Re-dyeing and finishing a NICE leather couch

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I am planning on restoring a nice couch, the dye is just a little sun faded, but it is turning into quite the project. The couch is semi aniline which resulted in the following disaster; I had ordered "custom matched leather dye" from leatherworldtech, which because it is semi aniline, they sent leather paint instead of dye, which wasn't made clear by the label or communication, and was not color matched by any means. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until I had sprayed the entire couch, and had to remove the leather paint. To be fair, the paint did look decent, but I didn't want to paint such a nice couch, I wanted to re-dye it. They are going to make it right and send actual dye, but I need to remove the top coat with fiebing's deglazer to apply it. 

My question is, what is a good leather finish for furniture once the dye is applied? Any tips/tricks from anyone who has done this before? Thanks in advance, I appreciate the knowledge that is openly shared on this forum!

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