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Techsew 5100 Leather Sewing Machine

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Techsew 5100-SE Automatic NPS, Laser, Loaded- LIKE NEW! ($2000)

I purchased this machine in Dec 2019 for $3695 direct from Techsew. Used approximately 2 hours.


Pick up Oak Island, NC 

Head is in NC- the table and motor will be in NC around 9/20/2020

It comes with the following:

  • Automatic needle position system
  • Heavy duty compound walking foot feeding mechanism
  • Sews up to 7/8" material thickness
  • 16.5" Long Cylinder Bed
  • SmartServo-NP servo motor
  • TLG laser guide
  • Swing down roller edge guide
  • Flatbed table attachment
  • Stainless steel specialty presser foot set
  • Includes assembled table and 1HP 800W Smart Servo motor
  • Techsew Premium Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Organ brand Diamond Point Needles
  • Thread Lubrication Pot
  • TS-28 LED Work Lamp
  • Spare needles

IMG_6385 (002).jpg

IMG_6387 (002).jpg

IMG_6391 (002).jpg

IMG_6393 (002).jpg

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 I like that machine ! You ever sew light weight stuff on it ? I here it's great for heavy stuff but not so great and under 6oz..

Why are you selling it??

I'm in Myrtle Beach .



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I purchased the sewing machine to start a new hobby in leather working while living in WNY. Immediately after purchasing it my plans changed and I relocated to NC with my current job. I do not have the time or space to continue with this hobby. I basically tested the machine out and it works great. That is all I have been able to do with the time constraints of my job.

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I am very interested. I ordered from Techsew in August and the machine I ordered is backordered. If this is still available I will look into cancelling my order with Techsew and make the drive to NC. 

Let me know? 

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