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Scott 3100

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Can someone point me in a direction to start with a good tool kit not spending. Too much $$ I don’t want a cheap one off Amazon or is there tools ok to start with?

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Hays3100 your question is way too open ended, so maybe that is why no one has answered yet, I would narrow your question down by coming up with a figure you are willing to spend to try out this hobby. Also what you think you might want to make will determine what tools you would need. For example are you going to make knife sheaths, then you would need stitching tools as there are multiple layers of leather. Will it have snaps or rivets, then you will need punches and setters for those. Are you going to stamp or tool decorations into the leather, then you will need a swivel knife, and either stamps, carving tools or both, and a mallet. Will it have a natural finish or are you going to paint or stain it... you get the point. A starter set should really be tailored to what you intend to do when working with leather. A tool that you do not need for your project is not very useful.

As far as Amazon starter kits go, most are kits put together with tools made in China. Some are good, some are just OK, and some are just plain bad. Years ago, you could trust Amazon reviews, but nowadays there are way too many fake reviews, they can't be trusted. so it really is hit and miss with buying on Amazon, although if sold and shipped by Amazon, and you are a prime member, return shipping is easy and free. 

One of the biggest names in leathercrafting for beginners is Tandy Leather, an American company that sells tools under the name of Craftool brand, and they have been around for years. And yes, many of their tools are made overseas as well.  They sell everything a beginner would need and much much more to get started in this craft. Many here started in leatherworking using Tandy tools and supplies, and many still use them. Although their prices are fair, you could still walk into a Tandy as a beginner buying their first tools and walk out $500 poorer. Some of this depends on what you consider a starter set. 

You can see if there is a Tandy near you and go talk with a sales associate and they could help you pick out tools individually, base on what you think you might like to get into.

Second you can buy individual tools or kits direct from Tandy online. Here is a like for kits: Kits — Tagged "Kits: Tool Sets" — Tandy Leather, Inc.,

Or you can find a new and used kits like this on eBay:

Or you could bid on something like this: Vintage Leather Craft Outfit Lot-50 Plus Tandy Craftool Lot-Custom Dovetail Box | eBay

Or our one of our vendors here SLC (Springfield Leather Company) sells tool that are on par with quality and price of Tandy, you could check them out as well: Springfield Leather Company

Or if you are looking for the most amount of tools for the least amount of money, pick a kit on Amazon and take your chances.  Maybe if you posted a few links to kits you are looking at and also mention what you intend to make with leather, some of the other members here could chime in with a thumbs up or down, or even with a differing opinion than me.

Anyway, welcome to the club... you will most likely enjoy it, even if your wallet doesn't.

EDIT: Oh, and cute baby by the way, I can see why you would want to keep the price down.

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