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SKIVING MACHINE: V-belt drive vs. Direct drive

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After I have now looked for over a year throughout Germany for used Fortuna / Fratelli Alberti and always found only ancient, half rusted machines without knife covers, I had finally decided to buy a new China machine (Global SK111) from a very nice and competent dealer. Just before I was about to buy it, I learned that these machines are now available in a new version: Instead of one servo motor with V-belt, there are now two direct drive servo motors installed directly on the machine head, so that knife and feed can be controlled separately: the transport can be very slow, while the knife turn very fast, but both only turn when you push the pedal. I'll attach a pdf with all information about that machine but I would buy it without aspiratior because it would be too loud for my neighbours and I dont have enough space for it. This machine costs about 700 euros more than the basic version with one v-belt-motor. Thats pretty much, but I would be willing to pay that if there are significant advantages.

Here is a video of such a direct drive machine:


However, my dealer says he finds the result nicer with the 1-motor machine. He says that if the knife rotates so fast, the skived area would look like polished/burned. He recommends me the 1-motor machine with a good servo motor that you can adjust slowly and to keep the knife very sharp. His youtube videos using this 1-motor machine with slow servo motor look great (he skives very slowly around the curves), but I'm reading all over this and other forums that it's a nicer result to have the knife running at top speed. I am thinking of driving to the dealer to test it myself, but he is over 300km away and Corona makes everything a bit complicated.

Does anyone have experience with these direct drive skiving machines? Do you think it's worth the extra cost or should I better take the basic version?

Are the direct drive motors harder/ more expensive to repair if there are any issues with it?
I'm still not 100% convinced by the china machines, but the dealer is rebuilding a few things to make them safer and better and I would get a detailed briefing from him.

Any help would be really appreciated, I am still pretty overwhelmed.

Greetings from Germany


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What you want is the knife to rotate fast and the feeding stone to rotate slow. Having the option to slow down the feeding stone it will make skiving corners a lot easier. You can buy a regular skiver and add to servo motors. 

I slowed down the feeding on my skiver with pulleys and it made a big difference but I still wish that I had a skiver with top feeding roller. 



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