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Kickstarter Campaign

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I, Cicada Leather Company, launched a Kickstarter campaign! I am raising funds to upgrade my tools and purchase supplies which are made in America. My tools are old crappy craft tools and the quality of my tools definitely shows in my work. I want to improve the quality of my products and to do so I need some help.

I know we are all in the same boat, longing for tools that are out of our budget. But please help a girl out! Share this link in your facebook or twitter, or consider contributing to my cause. Thank you!


-Mia at Cicada Leather Company

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I'm in the same boat as you. Looking right now for info on what's the best swivel knife to buy. I have one, but want to up grade and scared to push the 'BUY' button. Start with the crappy tools and buy better ones, one at a time. You can always re-sale a Good tool but crappy tool is still a cheap tool.

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Hello!, For my money, it's hard to beat Barry King's swivel knives. Handle and blade for about $50.00. The new Tandy catalog shows some new stainless tools (out soon) for less than $20.00. I have some of King's stamping tools and love them ($25 - 35). Stan

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