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First Off



This is my first blog. I am doing this on request, so I hope I like it. Let me say first and very important that opinions, evaluations, methods, procedures, and anything else in this blog are merely opinions, my humble opinions. I am not responsible for information contained in these ramblings and claim no responsibility for anything in this blog, however accurate or inaccurate it may be. You pay nothing for this blog, and you may assume that nothing is what you are getting. This is a legal disclaimer. Now that I have disclaimed, we won't hear any more of that.

I will review products and purveyors of products and other tangible and intangible things giving my honest opinions on same. I will tell the reader where I got the product, if I paid for it or it was donated or presented for evaluation. If you are giving me a product to evaluate, realize that it may be tested to destruction, or it may be given longer normal treatment. The decision is mine and you won't get it back. The evaluations written here will be honest and truthful to the extreme; if I buy it or you give it to me, I am going to tell it like it is. This is kind of another legal disclaimer, and hopefully this stuff is done and you won't have to read it every time.

Why am I doing this? I am a moderator on leatherworker.net and believe me, people post a LOT to this site, I mean a LOT. There are a handful of us that read everything, well almost and as much as we can. We hope that the things that fall through the cracks are picked-up by one of our cohorts. Doing that takes up a lot of time we could use replying to posts. There are a lot of posts that could use or derive benefit from much of the experience the mods have (literally decades), but we only reply where we see the need, maybe to someone who is not getting any response because maybe his question is a little complicated or maybe too simple. This is my opportunity to give back a little. I am now retired (not from leatherwork) and have some time. As I read through the posts, I will write down topics that may need some pontification, and blow a little hot air over it in this blog. I am not planning to ramble on and will categorize blog posts as much as possible.

If you want to see something here, let me know in a PM (personal message) on leatherworker.net.



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