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Introducing Cheyenne

Carroll Leather


blog-0521966001433949385.jpgWholesale leather supplier, Carroll Leather has introduced a new article at their recent trade show. We wanted to share this product with the leatherworker.net community because it is a fresh outlook on a vintage leather. The new pattern is called "Cheyenne", as you can see in the image it is a vintage/distressed article but also has added durability. You will notice a subtle crackle effect in this leather but the unique aspect is it's protective top coat. Most leathers like this will scratch easily or even fade in the sun; Cheyenne will do neither! Consumers are constantly wanting a crackle and distressed look but dislike the fact that it is usually a pure aniline and will scratch and show markings. We have responded to the markets needs by introducing new pattern and making it affordable for all industries. This leather is sure to redefine the market with it's unique finish.

Cheyenne is created on South American raw material that will average 45 square feet and is a leather that represents vintage art. Each hide is dyed and will display natural characteristics such as brands, healed scars and insect bites. Hides are given a unique wax treatment for the crackled look and feel that will appeal to any leather enthusiast. Cheyenne is finished in Italy using modern tanning techniques which are environmentally safe.

For more information on Cheyenne please visit Carroll Leather


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