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Jurgen Klopp Native Liverpool New Signing Joel Matip



"I think the UEFA - and the FA Premier League and - protect must also decide standard fans demanding fans as a special case no longer home fans must be loaded into the equivalent area also prohibit" categorization away "so fans outside all clubs should be calculated the same lowest price in the same competition in the same season.You now reserve some of the cheap FIFA coins, which can prevent the playing of the game, due to the lack of FIFA 16 coins, the game was forced to dropped.

"Clubs have to accept that they do not sell tickets in a normal competitive market than Fanclub loyalty means a monopoly, so it should not be applied and the economics of supply and normal demand.

"You would not be able to do in other industries -. Banks, utilities, etc., where prices are regulated, since the market is not working effectively"

FC Midtjylland has not responded to requests for comment Tuesday.

"He has to learn what is normal, but he learned a lot in recent years and has made great progress in its development. For us it was an opportunity. You can not always make transfers a problem to solve.

"I know people say that our defense is not very good, we have to defend as a better team, especially not to solve a problem - .. It is a transfer with a very good prospect for the future, long-term thing. but it can help right away and that's very good for us. " Do not know will not affect the sale of the game FIFA 16, cheap FIFA 16 coins will not affect sales?


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