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Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 Secret Star Location Explained

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We have come to the last week of the season, which also means there's a further secret star for us to uncover in Fortnite. The week 9 challenges were all fairly simple, click right here you will be capable of speedily get your hands on that Hunting Celebration skin. 

Naturally, there's also a Secret Star location to track down. Here's exactly where the Season 6 week 9 secret star location is in Fortnite, buy Fortnite Items on U4GM sometimes can save you a plenty of time.


Naturally, upon finishing a set on the weekly challenges in Fortnite, you will acquire a loading screen. This constantly depicts exactly where you are going to discover the key star, or inside the case of Season 6's "even weeks", a Secret Banner. So, without having additional ado, let's have a look at the week 9 loading screen.

Week 9 Loading Screen

The week 9 loading screen portrays a slightly happier scene than we've seen previously few weeks. Calamity plus the Dead Eye skin are now enjoying a peaceful moment inside the flowery fields of Leaky Lake.

At the least, that's what they feel. It turns out that A.I.M, the Hunting Party challenges skin that players have been in a position to unlock as of a couple of weeks ago can be seen lurking in the background, watching their every move.

The primary purpose you are taking a look at this loading screen so intensely, nevertheless, should be to try and spot exactly where the week 9 secret star location is being hinted at. Nicely, for those who appear very pretty cautiously, you may see on the barbecue something that appears like the faint outline of a battle star.

Where to discover the Week 9 Secret Star location

This barbecue is in Fortnite, and may, in fact, be identified when once again at Leaky Lake. It turns out this may be a new favorite spot for Epic to drop points, as the week 7 secret star location could possibly be tracked down to this named place, also.

For the week 9 secret star, you must be heading to the northwest corner of Leaky Lake's central island, just next towards the waterfall within this corner. Right here, you need to spot a chest using the barbecue in the loading screen right subsequent to the side with the water.


Once you have found it, it definitely is simply a case of walking on more than for the barbecue and also the week 9 secret star ought to appear sitting on prime of it. Now all you'll want to do is stroll more than and snag your final free battle star of season 6.

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