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Effective Tips on How to Use the Fortnite Best Weapons

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Fortnite is undoubtedly the most popular shooting game among gamers. Epic Games is constantly adding new features to keep the game fresh. And recently, 14 days of Fortnite event is now in full swing, which means a new challenge and reward are available. Therefore, we will share you a list of our favorite Fortnite weapons in hopes of picking the best gun for your challenges and U4GM is the best place to buy Fortnite Items

TOP 5. Impulse Grenade


The Impulse Grenade is a fantastic weapon to work with when outrunning the storm circle because the force of its explosion pushes enemies far away from you, sheltering you from combat. It's also perfect for the endgame since it can force opponents out into the storm, killing them practically instantly.

Should you ever come across your self inside a long-distance shootout with an individual in a fort, a well-thrown Impulse Grenade can blow your opponent out of their fort. Based on their structures height, they can also be killed in the fall damage.

TOP 4. Minigun


The Pump Shotgun is fantastic for all those who prefer a stealthier strategy, especially throughout the earlier stages of your game. In the event, you discover oneself landing in a region with numerous players and wish to rack up a single or two kills speedily, grabbing the gun and waiting within the shadows or a corner can function for your benefit. It is much more precise in its bullet spray and bargains a ton of harm within a single shot, generating it best to take enemies by surprise as they run about corners. It's also good for hiding in bushes and jumping persons as they run by.

When you favor to run and gun, then the Tactical Shotgun is going to become a lot more appropriate since it has a more massive spray and shoots more rapidly. But if you'd like to be stealthier or wish to deal far more damage in close-quarter combat, the Pump Shotgun is king.

TOP 3. Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle


In the event you choose long-range shooting, then the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is for you. There's no superior feeling than crouching within a bush at the top of a mountain, popping an unsuspecting passerby within the head. It does a ton of damage with one particular hit, meaning that you're just about guaranteed a one-shot kill when you can land a headshot on a foe.

It only fires one bullet at a time even though, which means you need to be careful when reloading involving shots since it leaves the enemy with a relatively large window in which to kill you if they spot you. If you'd rather possess a sniper using a more significant fire price, then you are in all probability improved off making use of the semi-auto sniper rifle but recall that it does less damage per hit.



The SCAR is a purple/orange Assault Rifle discovered primarily in loot crate drops. It's the superior version of the M4 rifle and genuinely, definitely packs a punch in combat, mainly when made use of at medium range. It might be hard discovering one although - they're incredibly rare. It makes one-on-one fights a breeze, absolutely shredding away the opponent's health and shield and is especially valuable throughout the early game with regards to receiving kills.

It's also an excellent weapon through the mid-game, when you are producing your way towards the centre. Catching other players out traversing, is a very good solution to get a kill. While, be ready to switch your weapon need to you fail to kill them, as opponents will likely retreat into a fort. It is sadly significantly less accurate than its burst and scoped sisters though, so if you are right after a gun using a bit more precision, maybe you'd be superior suited to 1 of those instead.

TOP 1. Tactical Shotgun

If you are not afraid to acquire up close and private with all the enemy, then the Tactical Shotgun may be the gun for you. It's a semi-automatic gun that should either get rid of the enemy immediately or take away a massive chunk of their wellness with just one shot if aimed properly. It's much less correct and bargains significantly less harm than the Pump Shotgun (see beneath) but features a greater fire rate and a more significant bullet spray so consider that. 

Its widespread and uncommon versions are littered pretty much everywhere but it is the uncommon (blue) one particular that you want since it offers by far the most harm. The decrease tiers nonetheless pack a punch, but you'll in all probability discover you can't kill an enemy in one hit with it unless it is incredibly early on within the match and they've got no shield or great counter weapon.

Despite the fact that it's strong, using a Tactical Shotgun within the last circle may possibly not perform within your favour, especially if everyone else is holed up in forts. It only operates effectively in close one-on-one combat so bear that in thoughts when contemplating your weapon lineup for the late game.

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