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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I'll definitely post a pic of him when he's done, or a link to a video. I'll play with these ideas in cloth first to see if they will work. Oh, and Tree Reaper, I had the sticky idea with an early incarnation of the griffin. It didn't work how I wanted. If he slipped, it tended to pull the shirt with it. Thanks though!
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for ideas that won't look to goofy. Let me explain the project first. I am making an animatronic Griffin for a friend for Cosplay. The controls for which will be in a Falconer's glove she will be wearing. The idea is for the Griffin to lay over her shoulder with paws gripping in front, and back paws hanging off in back (the tail is going to swish too) She should still be able to bend down so little kids can pet it (I'm using rabbit fur on the outside so it will be very soft.) Below, I've attached a very simple line drawing of what I have in mind for the Griffin's "perch", but now how to attach it to a person without looking to bad. The easiest method is a straight strap under the opposite arm, but the friend is, shall we say busty, and it just does not look right to have a strap there. So, I thought I would ask here for ideas here. Btw, the Griffin, when completed, will weight at most 1.5-2 lbs, and will be secured underneath to the leather shoulder cover. I don't have to hide any wires, because I opted to use a remote control instead of wires. Any suggestions would be great, Thanks!
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  4. I used a 5-7 oz cowhide with suede lining the parts that would touch the face. On the outside, I used High Gloss leather sealant - I think it's acrylic based, which does help it retain it's shape. When she isn't wearing it, the peice holder underneath has been molded to the countours of the mask to help it keep it's shape. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Vanessa
  5. Thanks! The underside is the hardest to find out how it's done. I have been searching drawings, paintings, and even the museum for how it was originally done.
  6. This is my first try at shoulder armor for one of the guys. I still have to add straps to attach it to him.
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