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  1. Paul Beautiful Holsters! One question if I may? How are you finishing the The Muzzle end of your Holsters? I like the closed end a lot. Pic's Please Brian
  2. Thank You very much Paul. My younger brother has made a couple & He was a great help. My stitching is a little rough but i've learned alot from here. I am Very Proud of how it turned out for my first attempt. Also Our first attempt at using a Food Saver Vac. System to help mold the Holster.
  3. Hello Paul; Great Work Sir. I like your username. I inherited My Grandfathers 1903 .32 Hammerless & I was wondering if you own one have you made an IWB Holster for it? I'm just getting into Holster Making and could use a couple ideas. Here is a pic of My First Holster Again Great Work! Brian
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