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  1. In Canada we are not aloud to purchase Blue guns .so i have to figure something elese out also
  2. thanks guys for the response .lookong forward to picking it up .and Bob I will probably be in touch .hahaha .Never used a sewing machine before ,should be interesting
  3. anyone familliar with a singer 211G166 ,will it sew things like gunbelts and some horse tack say up to 14 or 16 oz leather .I was given one free today
  4. thanks ,thats kinda what I thought .
  5. How do you do light oil ? do you just let it mellow with weather like a saddle would ? .I ask because I am making a set of saddlebags .
  6. the Luberto classic is it inthis catagory of machines for the above mentioned jobs ?
  7. Is the Classic in this catagory ?
  8. If money was no object what machine would you choose for ,chaps ,headstalls ,holsters , gun belts ,reins ,saddle bags,rifle slings ,knife sheaths and eventully saddles ?
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