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  1. Some of the knots and buttons on the latest set of romal reins....... (sore eyes). It's a combination of Oklahoma and California. Made to use with rein chains. Eight strand 1/8" kangaroo, with a 3/16" treadle belt for the rein core and 1/4" core for the romal. ( I added rawhide boots for the chains after the picture was taken)


  2. I can't say enough about your taste in equipment. Until I look at them closely, they seem to be very understated, but being a braider myself, I know better... great work!

    Would be able to tell me the measurements for reins used with and without rein chains? I know a lot will depend a lot on the size of the horse, but just a general length for the reins and the romal would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance,

    RJ Hubbard

    Miles City, MT


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