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  1. Some of the knots and buttons on the latest set of romal reins....... (sore eyes). It's a combination of Oklahoma and California. Made to use with rein chains. Eight strand 1/8" kangaroo, with a 3/16" treadle belt for the rein core and 1/4" core for the romal. ( I added rawhide boots for the chains after the picture was taken)
  2. That's what I've been using,thanks. Do you use treadle belt? That's what I've been using,thanks. Do you use treadle belt?
  3. I like the headstall, how big is the core? I'd like to try something like this.. Again really great work! RJ Hubbard Miles City, Mt
  4. I can't say enough about your taste in equipment. Until I look at them closely, they seem to be very understated, but being a braider myself, I know better... great work! Would be able to tell me the measurements for reins used with and without rein chains? I know a lot will depend a lot on the size of the horse, but just a general length for the reins and the romal would be helpful. Thanks in advance, RJ Hubbard Miles City, MT droped@midrivers.com
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