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  1. 20 Total tools, Heel Irons, Edge Irons, Waist Irons (17) and wooden Slide Box (3). Majority of name brand is J Schmidt & Son (all the metal tools). $300.00
  2. Dale

    I just found your post regarding the Dick Vogler made saddle from Albuquerque NM. I also own one and in my younger days I put a lot of hours in it. I would appreciate any information you find about it. I live in Albuquerque and this saddle has been in the family since the early sixties. 



  3. Can anyone please direct me to anyone that has parts and support for the Luberto No. 9 Harness Stitcher? Any Help Appreciated, Dale North 813-695-4200
  4. Can anyone give me a history of a saddle maker named Dick Vogler in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. I just got in an older floral tooled saddle in my shop and I can't find anything on him online. The saddle was probably made late 60's and very well made. Any info will help, thank you Dale
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