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    Leather Tooling, currently making my first gun holster.

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    sheridan, dyein techniques, lacing, or heck, just all of it!!
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About Me

I took an arts and crafts class in high school. That was in the 1970's, Big difference in Arts and Crafts from 40 years ago to todays idea! We did metal crafts, wood crafts, leather tooling and wallets,belts, purss, as well as some silver jewelry and stones beveled and polished for pendants. It was a lot of fun!

Once high school was behind me; I had completely forgotten all! I told my Husband I wanted to find a class to re-learn leather tooling. He kind of laughed at me.

That was 5 years ago, he since then found some leather tools in a hock shop and brought them home for me. This last two months, we (yes, he a well) have been taking some limited/basic tooling classes, I have devoured most of what I can find on the internet.

Will post some of my work later, right now, I have looked at all of your works, and am feeling very Waynes World, I'm not worthy! You are all so fantastic! I hope to be as good as all of you, and soon!

Thanks and have a great day!cowgirl.png

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