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  1. http://www.timberlinesaddletree.wordpress.com does work, it's the first one listed that is spam doesn't work. I'm trying to remove that post but I can't find any where to remove the post.
  2. When I first made the website it was working, but since then the domain has changed so it's most likely changed. I'm trying to remove the link from here but can't figure it out.
  3. I stumbled upon this video. It's pretty neat. Let me know if the link doesn't work. http://www.folkstrea...o/lige/lige.mov
  4. I sharped the edge of a horseshoeing rasp, then welded another handle to the top. For me though it can do a better job of fleshing after it's been stretched and slightly dried out for a couple hours. I take a sharp rounded knife and use long stroked almost parallel with the hide. This does a pretty good job.
  5. i've been thinking of doing this too. After a bit of use mine close up on me so I imagine this plastic burner would solve that problem.
  6. You know I've had the same problem. It seemed like when I bought it the blade was slanting. I've tried to fix it but didn't really do it right
  7. It's not under the presser foot but rather on the underside of the leather right by the bobbin. I was sewing some nylon straps to some canvas. It doesn't do nearly as bad on leather. Also mainly with the 346/277 thread.
  8. i'm not sure if this has been addressed here in the forum yet but I'm having trouble lately with my machine double looping. It will be goign along just fine then it will jam as I pull the lever down, I look underneath and it looks like there's two loops where there should be just one. Sometimes I can pull the extra loop out of the way and continue a few more stitches before it does it again. Has anyone had this problem? How did you fix it. Thanks so much.
  9. Great tutorial I've made several this week in prep for a ranch rodeo. I accidentally forgot one in the water for about 4-5 mintues. HOpefully it's not ruined. Seems fine though.
  10. I just finished a website for Randy at Timberline in Vernal Ut. We're still working on the domain name. Thanks.
  11. Aside from covering the swells, this was a pretty fun saddle to do. It's for a fellow cattlemen hopefully it will lead to other work from our Association! I can't say I'm diggin the crouper ring and other d rings on the back but that's what he wanted. Thanks.
  12. It's a really good tool. I think I could just never get it sharpened the way it should be so my grooves never looks very good. I have Jeremiah Watt's groover which is really sharp and does a good job. I never had to worry about going too deep on these.
  13. How long do you boil the honda? Thanks.
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