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  1. Actually, there are sixty-five rivets in each Bauzband. They go with a chest piece, gorget and shoulders set that match them. I have since stopped using this gorget and am working on a much smaller version. Just to hard to move around when you have a head and neck like Uncle Fester...
  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! Just got back from a week of Business Travel so I am getting caught up. I agree on the hinge going onto the inside. I will take a look at doing that this weekend when I have some time. I think the "Unplanned" look may be more what I used to make the strap. It is one of those things that I thought was going to look good when I did them but did not turn out as nice as what I had envisioned.
  3. I have been lurking off and on for a while and thought I would post my latest project. These are Bauzbands which are used as forearm armour for SCA Heavy Fighting. They are made from 15 oz Veg Tan, Tooled, Wet Shaped, Baked on a wooden blank, Dyed, Padded and Strapped. Any comments or thoughts would be welcome.
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