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  1. It could work for me because I have the JUki for things that need more finesse. The tack I sew the backsides are not such an issue. I saw the pictures that were posted on the website of the backs and they looked acceptable to me.
  2. Thank You Wiz- I have been thinking about that machine as the strength is there and the price is right. Will check it out for sure.
  3. I'm in N.E. Ohio - Looks like I have a few options within a few hours drive from me as far as industrial machine suppliers. I will need to sell my Juki to get into the price range it looks like.
  4. Are there any machines that would be suitable in the $700-$1000 range? I'd like to keep my Juki but maybe I will have to sell it to afford the upgrade.
  5. Hey all, I own a Juki 1541s that I have used for years doing wallets and purses. I am wanting to branch out into horse tack - specifically breast collars and headstalls. The largest thread I've been able to use comfortably is #138 with a 23 needle. I am wondering if this is suitable for such things as breastcollars or do I need a more heavy duty machine? As long as my machine is well oiled I'm able to sew through 2 layers of saddle skirting but it is at the upper limits of it's ability it seems. Ideally I would like to continue with my Juki maybe make some modifications if possible but do not want to make tack that wont hold up! I have searched for an answer but haven't found a clear answer on this specific machine. Thanks for your input!
  6. Thanks Dirtclod. That's the manual I have thinking it was an operating manual...der...Luckily I'm fairly handy and my hubby is super handy. Hubby managed to find a Russian version of an operating manual...lol. Thank goodness for pictures! It's threaded and and sewing away. Ready to try a servo motor though! I can drive a clutch/stick car pretty well but popping the clutch on this is a whole different story :-). Now I'm in search of the smallest needles this machine can take and thread as I have some projects I need to finish up that are light weight for this machine but were too much for my old Singer 401 (love my singer). It's just kipskin and felt I'm sewing through and what's set up on it right now is too heavy duty for the scale I'm working with.
  7. Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster here. I was fortunate enough to purchase a like new Juki 1541 today(for a very decent price) but the previous owner did not have the manual and I mistakenly thought I had a PDF that was it but it is the engineering manual. Now I have this beautiful machine set up and ready to go with no instruction on how to thread it or operate it. It's Friday and Juki offices are closed...so I'm crossing my fingers someone here may have instructions on how to thread it...so I could perhaps have a little fun w/it this week end. Love this forum, I have learned sew much already!! ;-)
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