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  1. I am a new leatherworker and I have a Cobra 18 sewing machine. I am looking for some patterns for soft soled children's shoes and bags, briefcases, etc. The more detail and instruction the better. If anyone out there has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated. Thanks, SoMo Heather
  2. Thanks for your response. Since I am far from being any kind of sewing machine repair person, I am not going to buy the old Singer patcher. I am looking for a new machine, or a good second hand one, which will serve my purposes. I am mainly going to make moccasins and mukluks. I don't know anyone who does leatherwork, so I feel fortunate to have found this forum! Heather (SoMo)
  3. Do you know if there is a Canadian distributor for the Cobra 18? I am rather out of my element when talking about sewing machines, but hopefully someday I will be up to speed. Thanks, Heather (SoMo)
  4. I am considering buying a new machine. Do you have an opinion of a Singer MSK 8400B for leatherwork? Thanks
  5. Thank you for your response. The seller is asking $350. I have to travel out of province to see the machine, which I was planning to do in about a week. I will probably go have a look at it and give it a test run, but I'm feeling less hopeful that it will be what I want. I think I would need something that could handle more than 1/8" of leather and one that could make longer stitches. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi, I am starting a business making moccasins and mukluks. I would like to use a sewing machine to do some of the stitching. I found a second hand Singer 29K2. It runs by treadle and hand crank. I have used a treadle in the past for sewing fabric and I liked it. Does anyone know if this machine would be suitable for moccs and muks? Thanks, SoMo
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