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  1. Not a problem. Mark the center of the binder(grain side).

    Mark the outside fold lines (for a 2" spine, mark on 1" on each side of center line.

    V-gouge the centerline.

    take a ruler and draw lines parallel to that about 1/4" apart to the outside all the way to the lines defining the edges.

    V- gouge those but START at the outside lines and work your way to the center from each side.

    that way the outside edges will be straight .

    Take a french edger(most are about 1/4") and skive across. You should end up with a perfectly smooth" channel "where the spine is.

    Now- I like to glue the center channel first with an oversized piece of liner and work my way to the outside with the leather SLIGHTLY bent over my free hand. I do both sides and finish with a little pizza dough roller to smooth out the wrinkles.

    .Chan Geer likes to start at one side and fold the binder over his hand and push the liner up to the binder. Either way it works ,it stays closed, and you can easily work put the wrinkles in the center.

    Just make sure that you put a slight bend in the binder as you are applying the liner.


    Thanks so much for the info. I am going to pull the liner off and try again with your tips.


  2. I recently completed this day planner. I skived down the center where it bends and I used the v-gouge to make crease lines. I also skived down the lining leather in the center to help it bend easily. I have two questions. First what is the best way to keep the center or the spine from wrinkling once the binder is finished. I think I may be used the wrong glue. Second question: what do I need to do to make the binder stay closed all the time? I am wondering if I need to take more off skiving or if I need to add a snap closure. I am just looking for any suggestions I can try to make my projects better.



  3. The chair on the left is made by John Ivy. He designed the frame on that chair. When he's too busy to build the frames himself, he subs them out to a guy who makes the frame to his specs and I know he considers that information proprietary. I can't speak about the chair in the picture on the right but am interested to know where you ran across it.


    The chair not made by John Ivy was made by this maker: http://www.classicleatherdesigns.com/homedecor.html.

  4. The chair on the left was custom made by John Ivy of Ivy Custom Leather near Tulsa. They sell for $600 each. I don't think the chair on the right is one of his. I would be interested in knowing more about the chair on the right. Where it was seen, etc., etc. Do you have a bigger picture?


    I knew who made the final leather covered chairs. i just noticed that several leather shops sell the wood chairs with their leather on them and I wanted to find who supplies them with the wood chairs.

  5. Lowes has directors chairs w/o canvas, similar to one of the casualhome store pictures, for $7.93 each. Since it's the end of the season, they'll probably be coming down greatly in price over the next week or so. Of course, none are like what you are seeking & i'd believe they are either a very limited production run or made for that particular retailer. At any rate, good luck!


    Thanks for the suggestions, I am going to lowes today.

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