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  1. Clair, A huge thank you for that information. Exactly what I needed. Best wishes, Peter
  2. Hi, Trying to find a supplier for some Ritza 25 Polyester thread, sometimes called Tigre Thread. At the moment Abbey Saddlery in the UK is not stocking the 1.4mm size that I need. The maker, Julius Koch, is not replying to emails at present. I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of an alternate supplier for the following : Ritza 25 100% Polyester Thread, Colour 7 (Mid Brown) 1.4mm wide manufactured by Julius Koch Gmbh. Best wishes, Peter
  3. A big thank you for your help & advice. It's age & wear by the looks of it. Studying the parts manual now. Peter
  4. Recently obtained a Singer 29K72. All appears to work well except the length of stitch adjustment. Even though I move the stitch regulator as far down as possible so that the point of the arrow is below the 5 stitch mark, the machine stitches at 7 to 8 stitches per inch. Moving the regulator up to the 7 to 8 stitches per inch position results in stitches on top of each other. Something somewhere is out of spec. I have a 16 page Service manual for the machine but can find no other stitch length adjustment information. Really need it to do bigger stitches so any advice would be gratefully received. Peter
  5. I would also be interested to hear an answer to the question. Recently got hold of a refurbished Singer 29K72. As I have only hand stitched up to now I have no knowledge of machine needles & threads. My question would be ; what is the heaviest thread/needle combination that anyone uses on a regular basis on this machine? With that knowledge I can order some needles & threads to practice with. Best wishes, Peter
  6. welcome to the site

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