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  1. Excellent work. Your molding is great too. Thanks for sharing these. I get really motivated by everyone's great photos. Keep it up!
  2. Excellent work redhat. I would agree with Reaper about adding the body shield. Makes me want to try one now too. Oh so many things so little time.
  3. Hi Shane, Good idea I'll try that in a drill. I've used the reverse the pistol in the holster and the weak hand (drilling strong side injury obviously) slapping the mag home across the butt. I find it problematic because my attention is not out, it's down. To be completely honest , a handgun is only for me to get to a real gun.
  4. Thanks RWP. Actually it's 'rounded' out pretty good. It's kind of like wearing a crossbreed as it's substantial against the body. I still need to pay way more attention to my stitching lines, I have a hard time gauging my offset from the pocket.
  5. Hi guys, I was playing last week and make this. I know strong side carry/reload. Call it my flight of fancy. Comments and abuse welcome
  6. I got mine 'finally' from Duncans. Many emails with <crickets> but it did finally ship. I'm sure it was a stocking issue too.
  7. Thanks much. Glad I found you guys. What a great site!!

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