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  1. Hey there! I am selling one of my TippMann Boss Sewing Machines!

    This machine was used for two months and is in perfect condition!

    The only thing wrong with it is the gear shaft has a few missing teeth (Replacement Part $8.99) I would fix it myself but I am a father of two little ones and do not have the time.

    One day while working I put too much pressure on the lever and the teeth snapped off. After talking to the maker of the machine, I found out this is suppose to happen because if the teeth didnt snap off after so much pressure the entire machine would suffer due to pressure.

    This is a heck of deal and I am looking to get rid of it fast! Comes in original box with maunals and needles.

    If you are intrested please shoot me an email at thecodyvance@gmail.com

    Much Obliged,

    Cody Vance


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