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  1. Thanks to you both. I wish it were easier, and yep, no one (layman) seems to know how to properly measure nor identify to a buyer anything real about the saddles these days. I'm learning alot more than I thought I already knew. Such a pickle for the horseman to be in!
  2. What is that, and who made them? Seem to be on Saddlesmith saddles from some years ago, and maybe current. Any info on them? A hard Google search brought up nuthin... Thanks
  3. Let's say a saddle turns up at an auction, no name on it for whatever reason, maybe the hanger had it and was replaced. How would someone know which, if any, tree maker made the tree? Do most good tree makers mark them somewhere the marking might be visible? I see SO many nice saddles advertised, and the only thing the owner can give as information is the gullet size and the shape of the swell. Or they give obscure (to the layman) letter system like a "BL tree" or some such, maybe or maybe not with a saddlemaker name on it. The tree is the foundation of the whole saddle; I'd think it most important to know and advertise that piece of info FIRST. If they know it.... Thanks all...Hil
  4. How far apart are the holes needed to be for these buckles? I wonder if the stock leathers that have vertical only will work with it?
  5. Thanks, Josh! That does help a bit. So they can't really be used on the current leathers, due to then you'd have a center hole going up between the current two holes for the blevins, I guess. So when the time comes for new leathers, I guess this is how I'll go!
  6. Thanks. Now I REALLY want to see a pic LOL I have a saddle with damaged leathers that I'm going to either have to jerry rig or replace. What side of the fender part generally gets the shave? You talking the top part where the blevins would have sat?
  7. I'm interested in these Superior buckles, too. Anyone have a pic of them on the leathers so I can understand how to retrofit my saddles? I'm just not seeing how you can use the same holes made for Blevins. Wouldn't it be lopsided? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I'm new here, a horse owner, and owner of a custom made Wade saddle for myself. I will just interject a couple of thoughts that may not even be relevant, but there ya go .... On the original topic, I kind of liken it to art. If you're a master saddlemaker, you are an artist. No one will EVER do your art exactly as you do, though the very basics may be similar. The concept will always come from your own mind, as any artist knows. So a competition in that way seems silly. Do you see oil painting aritsts hiding away how to basically oil paint so that no one can compete with them? What each individual does with any specific information is really up to them, and will only reflect back on you, the teacher, if they either do it poorly (without good enough instruction) or well enough to someday be considered an artist in their own right. Even if the student only turns out to be a moderately decent one, still a reflection. Maybe that as well was part of the secrecy; teachers didn't think they could impart the info well enough to help turn out a new gen of good makers? on another note, though there are MANY wonderfully crafted saddles out there from creative makers, there are a finite amount of people who can AFFORD an art made saddle. I am NOT one of those LOL I had a moderately talented saddler make mine for a price I could afford. It's not everything I could want, but it's good enough. I think there's more room for a moderately talented person in a working art form than a master anymore, sad to say. That said, I hope that anyone who has a passion for what they do can feel joy in sharing what they do and how they do. No one will ever be just like you and have your ideas.
  9. Hi, I'm new, from MD currently. I'm trying to learn more about leatherwork as I have horses and keep getting good ideas of new or improved things to make for them. I'd like to be able to repair my own tack, too. I ride mainly western right now, but have an English leaning from my past, too. I'm one of those impatient learners, I want to just do it NOW not practice LOL I'm also one of those with low $$$ available to do what I want to do.... This site looks aweoms and will answer alot of my silly questions I'm sure (and I'm sure I'll have silly questions!) Hil
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