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  1. talon

    NEW DCS-S4 Industrial Skiving Machine

    Machine is sold
  2. I purchased this machine for some leather projects that we chose not to pursue. We assembled the machine and ran a few dozen test cuts but never put it into production. Comes with stand and servo motor. $800, available for demo and pickup in Logan, UT. Current price is $1299 new, photo shown from original seller Local pickup only
  3. Matt, Just curious, what is your 246 clone?
  4. I started checking around and found that on the Juki DSC-246 they have instructions and part lists for converting them. The describe it as converting from a 'horizontal feed' to a "elliptical feed". Where the "horizontal feed" is the machine with the binding attachment. Any ideas on what that means? It also seems like they may be describing the what SARK9 is saying when they describe the feed dog, it seems they want it set to a specific protrusion. You can see what I'm describing in the manual here http://www.juki.co.jp/industrial_j/download_j/manual_j/dsc240/menu/dsc246,-7/pdf/instruction_eg.pdf -T
  5. I'm looking to pick up a machine for light to medium sewing. canvas and leather up to about 10 oz max. I also am looking for a machine that has the option of using a synchronized binding attachment. This leads me to machines like the Pfaff 335 and clones. Generally speaking, within each manufacturer I'm looking to machines pre-configured for a binder, but would need to purchase parts required to use it without a binder (Not sure of everything required here). I'm also looking for large bobbin when given an option. Here are the options I've found. I'd appreciate any feedback on these manufacturers. Consew Model 277RBFS- Seiko LSC-8BLV-1 TECHSEW 2600 PRO appears that it can accept a binder, but not sure if it requires additional parts to do so. RELIABLE MSK-335B HIGHLEAD GC2698-1B Pfaff 335 Juki DSC-246 Cowboy 7335 What does it take to convert from binder to standard walking foot on this style of machine? How will part cost and availability compare across these models? Is it better to have the knob for stitch length and separate reverse leather? Thanks! I look forward to hearing any feedback on these. -T
  6. I'm looking for a source of veg tanned leather with fairly bright colors and pasted backs that match the front color. Does anyone have an idea where to point me? I'm planning on checking with Wicket and Craig, I'll be calling them on Monday to discuss options. I think I'll also give Horween a call. Please see the attached images for reference. Thanks!
  7. Still available, Price lowered to $1150
  8. I'm in Northern Utah. Would ship in lower 48 states for $50, would have to get a specific quote for other locations. Thanks for the suggestions! We actually loved the machine when we used it, although I could see that being an improvement because it would eliminate cleaning of the brush! We just stopped using edge paint on most of our products, and the very few that we do we apply by hand now.
  9. We purchased this machine in 2016 and used it for about 1 year in production. This machine is used to apply edge paints to leather. It works very well. Paid $1,895.00 new and it took about 4 months to get since it is imported from Italy. A video of it in operation can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShN9BPJOAX0 From the manufacturer- DELUXE Single Edge Painting Machine Ideal for bags, holsters, saddles… Suitable for painting the edges of all kinds of products, including handbags, wallets, holsters, saddle parts and assorted leather goods. Through its simple operation, it can apply a clean, finished edge to your leather products. Lower and upper supports help maintain alignment as the material passes along the motorized painting wheel. The SEP has the advantage of multiple painting wheels for flat, rounded and even extra wide edges. It can even paint a border along the top as is covers the edge (optional). The SEP uses water based, self-polishing dye and other kinds of colored liquids. Due to the continuous cycle operation, it avoids waste by recycling any excess paint to the tank. The painting parts are made of stainless steel or special plastics to ensure that all parts in contact do not deteriorate with water or with solvents used in normal maintenance. All equipment is built according to current CE standards. MADE IN ITALY Thanks for looking!
  10. Would anyone do $200 + shipping?
  11. Several years ago we purchased some custom brown belt clips from JRM. We originally purchased 1200, but found that the gloss paint scratched easily so we were unable to use them (Most of them are scratched just from shipping). They would be great for purely utilitarian projects where you just need a good clip, but looks aren't critical. Would also be great for scouting/youth groups. I think we paid about $600-800 for the entire batch. We have 36 lbs of the original 41 lbs left, so we estimate about 900-1000 clips remaining however I don't make any guarantee on the count, but I can tell you the box weighs 36 lbs. We are willing to let them go for a sweet deal to the best offer. payment via paypal, buyer pays shipping Make an offer if interested! We want these to go fast. See clip details here. http://www.jrmclips.com/1000-series-clips.html