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  1. I sold one, have at least two more boxes any interest?
  2. Sorry for the multiple posts, I wanted to edit the original post to show pictures and include another BK maul for sale. I have a 24 oz Barry King that I would like to sell. I would sell both as a pair for 110 shipped.
  3. Up for consideration is a box full of AMERICAN & EFIRD ANEFIL POLY CORE THREAD. There is four cones of white and two cones of black t-70 and t-135 some spools have been used. See pictures for quantity and condition. Please ask any and all questions prior to purchase. Asking 39.99 plus actual UPS charge. USPS MO or PayPal gift or plus fees only Please PM me as I do not always check the thread. Thanks, Chris
  4. I am asking 22.30 USD per box shipped, each box may contain sheepskin (shearling scraps) goat skin, lamb, chrome taned, veg tanned, strapping, lace, and even embossed leathers. I was going to throw this all out but it may be useful to someone doing small projects or crafts and it would make me feel better not wasting it. USPS MO or PayPal plus fees only please. Please PM me as I do not always check the thread. Thanks, Chris
  5. Lightly used 96 oz Barry King Maul 70 USD Shipped Please PM me if interested
  6. Up for consideration is two partial hides and one full shearling. I would sell all pieces as a lot for 75 USD Shipped. I will split them up upon request if they are split I would like 20 USD for the two partials plus actual shipping, and 60 USD plus actual shippng for the full shearling.
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