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  1. Hello I wanted to know if anyone has experience with any of the consew 29 models. I have a line on one and I was curious what size the bobbins are. Looks like the 29B and BL take a large bobbin but I can’t find any reference. thank you!
  2. Bob, I think I spoke too soon! When I went to use the machine tonight the reverse will not make any stitches, but at least now the needle does not hit. Is there another adjustment I can make?
  3. Thanks Bob! You are the man! I made the adjustment under the machine as you said first then I fine tuned things with the screw on the top of the machine. Works just fine now, Thanks Again!
  4. Hi Everyone I just bought a New feed dog and needle plate for my Tacsew T111-155 . It is larger than the one I had on it and after I installed it, It sews fine however when I press the reverse lever it brakes the needle. Upon investigation, when the lever is pressed the needle moved backward and strikes the feed dog and brakes. Any ideas how to adjust this correctly? Thanks In advance!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I got things working now. It seems the needle bar did get pushed up after all!
  6. Thanks Kayak45 but the tacsew is mot like the singer 111 it is more like the Juki 1181 I think. I will check the needle bar Tom, Thanks to you both!
  7. I have a new to me Tacsew T111-155 that is acting up on me. The manual is a joke so there is no help there so I am hoping someone else here has had the same issues before. When I start to sew thicker material I get skipped stitches. When I slow way down it is better but still a few skipped here and there. I can sew fast in reverse with no issues. I can also sew thin nylon with no issues. Any Idea what I need to do to fix this problem? Thanks Everyone!
  8. Strangest thing, Now I have a new problem that I am unfamiliar with. I keep breaking about 1/8" of the tip of my needles. I cant figure out what is wrong. I am sewing with the same needles and material and the same way as with my 111-155 but the consew just keeps breaking tips now. Any Ideas how to fix this?
  9. Thanks Everyone! I got it running using Bob's advice and oiling the heck out of it.
  10. Hi Bob, Thanks for the photo. No mine did not look like that. It was tripped. I manually "clicked" it into place but something is still binding in there. Just turning it by hand it was tripped again. I reset it and visually I can see no debris or broken/bent parts. It will run only if I manually tun the hand wheel as I press the foot pedal. When I turn things by hand you feel it bind at a point then turn freely again. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Bob, I tried it but I don't think it was the clutch. It never tripped. I got it worked up with oi to go forward and backward intermittently. I think there is somthing wrong with the case that holds the bobbin. How can I take it out to clean it? It also will not let me pull the thread up to begin sewing. Any other ideas?
  12. Thanks So much Bob, I will try that today!
  13. Hello, I Got a new to me older consew 226 this weekend. I oiled it up and tested it out on several layers of nylon, got the stitch length adjusted where I wanted it. Then today I started sewing on my first project with it and the feed dog stopped working. I turn the wheel by hand and nothing. I also noticed the stitch length regulator no longer works. Any Idea what might be wrong or how to fix it? Thanks in Advance.
  14. Hello, Is there a list out there that describe what each of the models of the Singer 269 do? I have passed on several in the craigs list in the past pure for lack of information. The owners never seem to know wht they do! Thanks!
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